I would like to consider this a "howto" in some respects as to how to get setup, working and running in short order. We hope to get you some LiteCoins in your pocket soon!

Here is what I hope is a fairly simple how-to to mining and generating some LiteCoins and putting them into a trading account so that you can make some money off them! (we hope!)

Remember that LiteCoins, like everything else vary in price, and can do so at any time.

Creating Your own LiteCoin mining rig

Creating your own lite coin mining rig is fairly simple, you just need the CPU client. Currently the most useful client can be found at Pooler's CPU miner Github(external link). Generally speaking newer clients = faster.

LiteCoinPool.org also puts a news update when there are updated miners.

Setting up your account to trade

  • Sign up for your trading account(external link) at btc-e (note I get no referral or commission for this!)
  • Find your deposit wallet ID
    • Click Finances then locate where it says "make a deposit"
    • Scroll down to the bottom and get the Litecoin address that it gives you

Setting up your pool

  • Create a pool at http://litecoinpool.org/(external link)
  • Set the payment address to the LiteCoin address that you got from BTC-e in the step above

Configure automatic Payments

You can configure litecoinpool.org to pay you out automatically, it will check twice a day to see if they "owe" you anything. Right now I get up to 10 LTC each time.

Proof that you get paid from Litecoinpool.org

Here is some of the recent transactions that I've had from my pools and workers. I put it into my BTC-e pool to then trade.

Sample of the payouts of LiteCoins and transactions from litecoinpool.org going to BTC-e.com
Current balance:	10.24040688 LTC 	
Time	Wallet	Amount
2012-01-29 10:59 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	11.38483368 LTC
2012-01-28 22:56 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	5.46619892 LTC
2012-01-28 15:54 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	1.91111466 LTC
2012-01-28 10:59 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	2.46753514 LTC
2012-01-28 03:06 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	2.13874122 LTC
2012-01-27 19:31 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	2.20513230 LTC
2012-01-27 13:35 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	3.57247240 LTC
2012-01-27 10:59 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	12.30606090 LTC
2012-01-26 23:00 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	10.34120108 LTC
2012-01-26 10:59 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	14.83526682 LTC
2012-01-25 22:59 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	11.57512000 LTC
2012-01-25 10:59 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	10.42748920 LTC
You get the idea 
2012-01-16 02:15 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	1.34181950 LTC
2012-01-15 23:46 UTC	LccybVY1ZZd8XQzSQfmBzEmpUxL1Qcs91u	1.02560276 LTC
2012-01-15 21:57 UTC	LUyJSjAyaj2fyYXyBjVvAYJnSdTAejPfS1	1.15752140 LTC
Total	176.18316658 LTC

Running the trades

Inside BTC-e you can now trade LTC for various currencies. I plan to make some updates and provide information as to how I make some money here as well, and how I've withdrawn.

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